Very Important Vintage Rolex Sports Models

Rolex vintage watches are among the most popular and collectible watches in the world. However, not all vintage Rolex watches are created equal, and there are a few models that seem to remain at the top of every collector's wish list.

The vintage Rolex Submariner Date was sold until about 1979. 1680 is very important in the history of Rolex. 1680 is particularly important in the history of the Rolex Submariner because it was the first watch to offer a date window - an important turning point in the history of the collection. One of its characteristics is that it only appears on early watches. 1680 is only found on early examples - the name "Submariner" appears in red letters, rather than in all-white text. Due to the rarity of these so-called "Red Submariner" watches, they are now highly sought after by collectors.

The vintage replica Rolex GMT-Master 1675 is one of the oldest models in the series - produced for some 20 years from 1959 to 1980. Of course, during this long 21-year run, a number of modifications and updates were made to the ref. 1675, including some that still exist on contemporary GMT-Master II models.

The Rolex Submariner 5512 was an undated Submariner that was produced for approximately 20 years, from 1959 to 1979. The introduction of the Submariner 5512 is particularly noteworthy. The 5512 is particularly noteworthy for introducing crown protection and a larger 40mm case to the Submariner line. The earlier model 5512 had a square crown protector, but it turned out to be too restrictive in terms of contact with the crown, leading Rolex to eventually modify it. Also, unlike the reference 5513, most Submariner 5512 watches have four lines of text on the dial due to having a COSC certified movement.

There are three different types of crown protectors on the Submariner Ref. 5512, depending on the year of production. The escutcheon on the first wave of Submariner 5512s was square. Rolex then switched to a pointed crown protector and finally to a more rounded shape. Because there were so few square crown protectors, these Ref. 5512 watches traded for significantly higher prices, which could reach the six-figure range.

Incredibly, these Art Deco dials set Paul Newman apart from any other Rolex replica watches. So what do you look for? Those beautiful art style numbers on the chronograph. Paul Newman Daytona's stainless steel model comes with either a black dial with a white register or a white dial with a black register, but the specific model Paul Newman wore was a 6239 with a white dial, and he was known for wearing a leather strap.