Men's Luxury Replica Watches 2020 Classics

What makes luxury watches a classic? Some would say this is a rich history and successful production run. Many also believe that timeless styles that transcend current fashion trends are the trademark of any replica watches icon. Our list of five most iconic and classic luxury watches all fit our description, with decades-long production cycles and timeless designs.

Even though you're new to collecting luxury watches, chances are that you know of the replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust. The Datejust debuted in 1945 and continues to remain in production today, making it one of Rolex's oldest and most successful models. Its design is completely timeless and features highly versatile proportions, a convenient self-winding movement with a jumping date display, and a waterproof case. This watch is suitable for daily wear, yet it's incredibly easy to dress up. Its versatility is a major selling point among many collectors, as is its attractive price point.

The Datejust was the first wristwatch to offer an automatically changing date display on its dial. It has made appearances on the wrists of many influential men and women throughout its history, including former President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Paul Newman in the film The Color of Money, and international tennis champ Roger Federer.

The Patek Philippe Nautilus was designed by legend Gerald Genta. That fact alone makes it a classic in the vast world of luxury replica watches. But what also makes this wristwatch a favorite among many collectors is its special feature set. From the design of the noncircular bezel to the stunning Teak-inspired dial, the Nautilus draws much inspiration from boating and sailing and is often associated with high class and wealth. Many luxury watch enthusiasts also appreciate its slim profile and elegantly-tapered integrated bracelet. The Nautilus is every bit an amazing luxury watch as it is a reliable timekeeper while exploring the vast ocean.

The collection is available in several metal options, with stainless steel being the most coveted and hard to find. It can also be found on a leather bracelet or with a stunning diamond-encrusted bezel on the ladies' models. As it goes with many Patek watches, the Nautilus will require a serious investment. However, if you can afford to add one to your watch box, it's more than worth the price.

In addition to functionality, Navitimer has been a huge success for its bold aesthetic. The case is sound and includes unique timing drives and motion dials. If you want a classic luxury watch that will get you noticed, the navigation timer is a great choice and a real icon within the industry.