2015 Vacheron Constantin Zodiac fake Watches

On December 12, 2014, Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Métiers d'Art - Legend of the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Ram Watches released. This is not strange at all, Vacheron Constantin Watch every year to launch a zodiac Watches, which can be a great timepiece of the Métiers d'Art artist series. Goat is a symbol of a vibrant and independent spirit, this two limited-edition Ram Zodiac fake Watch is made of enamel and sculpture highlighting the extraordinary quality; we are about to enter the Year of the Goat at the occasion, Ram's birth also carries the night table Vacheron Constantin New Year's blessing and praise, to start a new chapter in the year.

Goats fluff carved extremely delicate, less than one millimeter thick. Through this creative artisans show us a tangible artistic vision. fake Vacheron Constantin craftsmen with their superb skills and rich experience, the courage to accept the challenge, and it applied to Watchmaking. Engravers co-operated with the enamel division, created out of two Ram Watches, pink gold or platinum crafted, each limited edition of 12, only in the Vacheron Constantin specialty stores.

Subsequently, the fake Watch will be circulated at the banquet for everyone to enjoy, leaves decorative pattern on the dial from classical Chinese pattern etched directly on the gold dial is made. Semi-embedded design patterns by different shades of a relief well together, creating a deep depth effect. Honeysuckle highlighted as if suspended in the top of the dial. Goats fluff carved extremely delicate, less than one millimeter thick. Through this creative artisans show us a tangible artistic vision.

The central location of the dial mosaic pattern of fine goat, it seemed quiet and peaceful in the sapphire crystal against the background. After a large fire enamel stage. Large fire enamel craft originated in Geneva, has only a handful of craftsmen proficient. By using several layers of enamel continuous smear glaze, enamel masters further highlight blue or bronze dial visual tension. When baked enamel dial in approximately 800-900 degrees Celsius kiln must be strictly controlled reaction glaze colors and fired generation, which requires the enamel has a rational inference division ability, and this ability to take cost years to master. During the last firing needed before applying the final layer of transparent enamel, making sparkling glass dial showing smooth texture, floral prints make more clear and easy to see.

After all, fake Vacheron Constantin Métiers d'Art's "The Legend of the Chinese Zodiac" series has been able to have plenty of space to show the decorative arts, largely thanks to the 2460 G4 movement. In order to maintain the original show features a variety of long tradition, fake Vacheron Constantin Watch display on this movement to showcase their amazing Watchesmaking skills, and by four display windows, respectively, hours, minutes, Day and Date. The first two monitors using sliding after the two monitors are used to jump word type, each of which presents through the center of the dial pattern around four windows.