fake Watch Street Snaps

Everything in this spring seems to "wake up". Beautiful people on the street opened the spring model, dressed beautifully and also the wonderful decorations. So there is this idea of street shooting. This article is mainly for hands and fake Watches, not faceless naked, ah! fake Watches are not known to many of us, and we don't know how many stories shot, reflective? POSE? Scene? Exposure? ...... Today we mention how to take a good map, simply take a look at them and their fake Watch.

Mr. Robert worked for a state-owned bank, is an authentic NY boy, lively and talkative, quick thinking. He was wearing a fake IWC Spitfire pilot series models chronograph Watches, this Watches is not an ordinary style, is relatively old, the current market is rare, and the general difference is that the chronograph, Spitfire fighter IWC logo, and date display window position has undergone great changes. In the shooting, he told me that the Watches was purchased in Financial Street, but now this shop has been closed. Asked why choose the country to buy the table, he said, because the humor was too fond of, can not wait to go abroad, well, money is so headstrong!

Closer to home, it's said that fake IWC Pilot Chronograph Watches has its case made of solid steel, the Watches diameter is 42mm, 14.7mm in thickness, with a stainless steel bracelet with folding clasp and weighs 172 grams, water depth 60 meters, equipped with a Swiss movement, which provides 32 hours of power reserve.

Mixed fashion circles people often do not take the unusual way, this gentleman shooting encountered D is the case, he was a dark tone neat dress, with a strong retro range of children, even the IWC pilot through his wrist "modified" also changed the style. Army green jacket with light brown strap is really like a movie plot was brought to them, even the clasp design is quite eye-catching, even more, handsomely carved decorations and retro. Mr. D The fake IWC Pilot IW377701 Watches case is also built by steel, Watches diameter is 43mm, 15 mm thick case, internal equipped with Swiss self-winding mechanical movement, providing 32 hours of power reserve too.

Photographers have always felt that was a good job, you can use the camera to record all kinds of beautiful pictures, happened encountered such a lovely girl. Perhaps the same hobby, chat up more speculative, but only a small token to say something here, he told me that this fake TAG Heuer is rare in fake Watches, and he got it from China, he insists it worth the price quite well.